Personal Space Wars

The enactment of Obamacare places the fight to defend our freedom right in front of our eyes as it occupies the personal space each and every American inhabits. "Personal space" was the concept studied by anthropologist Edward Hall in his 1966 book, The Hidden Dimension. Hall divided the physical area surrounding a person into measurable regions:  from the 25-foot diameter of the outermost zone of "public," narrowing in to 12 feet of "social," 4 feet of "personal," and finally the innermost "intimate" zone, representing the 1.5 foot area around us. We may be uncomfortable, anxious, or angry when our "personal" space -- the region we feel is psychologically ours -- is encroached upon. Hall described his diagram as a "personal reaction bubble." Although at times, situations such as the busyness of a crowded airport may cause our personal space to be compromised, the new TSA procedures made the encroachment of the intimate zone, at security checkpoints and in front of everyone else,...(Read Full Article)