Pawns in the Obama Re-Election Campaign?

Beyond attempting to reconstitute the cult of personality, which was the major factor in propelling Barack Obama to the White House in 2008, the Obama campaign must suppress and discourage the turnout among the electorate by casting Romney as a dishonest and unethical politician.   Unfortunately he is being aided and abetted by many conservatives and libertarians who are wallowing in their inbred pessimism, which allows them to be used as pawns by Barack Obama and his re-election cabal. The key to the election rests with the ability of the Obama campaign to discourage those now pre-disposed to vote for Romney because of the economy or disappointment with Obama.   Thus the never-ending message over the past two months from the Obama re-election team that Romney is dishonest, unethical, cares only for the rich, outsources jobs, perhaps is a felon, has off shore bank accounts ostensibly to hide money and, as he must have skeletons in his past, he refuses to release...(Read Full Article)