OWS and the One Millionth: Right Feelings, Wrong Target

I sympathize with the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement.  I feel their pain.  They are rightfully angry that a small group of people can control their lives and manipulate their freedom.  They are right to object to a system that treats them as subjects.  They are fully justified in their rage against those who would force them to do what they don't believe in. The sad thing is is that the people the OWS people rage against aren't the people who in fact control our lives or deny our freedoms. The 1% can't raise the taxes of anyone.  The 1% can't force you to buy things you don't want.  The 1% can't make you violate your religious beliefs.  The 1% can tell you how to live your life. But the 0.000001%, the one millionth, can.  The president plus the members of Congress and the Supreme Court who side with him are the one millionth, and they can do and have done all the things that OWS ascribes to the wealthy. The wealthy can't just take money from...(Read Full Article)