Of Marx and Men

Election 2012 is shaping up to be the most clearly defined clash of political ideologies since FDR's New  Deal.  The heart of the matter is the long-overdue awakening of a slumbering majority of constitutional traditionalists.  This awakening has been triggered by a surge of authoritarian socialism, or more accurately, cultural Marxism advocated by a radical Obama administration to fashion a "fundamentally transformed" America. If the 2008 election was about dumping free-market capitalism and America's constitutional liberties for a nascent Marxist police state, probably not too many people understood the issue.  The 2012 election will be about ratifying or rescinding that choice, hopefully, without ambiguity.  What's at stake is the preservation of America's unique ethos of creative individual liberty or a continuation of our accelerating descent into a coercive statist regime derivative of Marx. Given Marxism's deadly history, it's stunning to realize that...(Read Full Article)