Obama's Unserious National Security Policy

President Obama's latest abhorrent pronouncement that the actions of Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez have not had "a serious national impact on us" is a strong indication that the electorate should focus long and hard on Obama's incompetence in the foreign policy arena. For the implications of the President's misplaced trust in leaders such as Vladimir Putin, dangerous belief that terrorist organizations such as the Muslim Brotherhood are moderate, and complete ignorance regarding who does and does not pose a "serious" national security threat to our country are dire. In Obama World, the fantasyland that has taken over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, bowing to the world's dictators, traversing the globe apologizing for America's greatness, remaining idle while innocent freedom fighters were killed in Iran in 2009, Libya in 2011[i], and Syria in 2012, reneging on promised to build missile defense systems, signing agreements with the Russians to gut our weapons arsenal and whispers of...(Read Full Article)