Obama's Healthcare Conquest

When a coalition of individuals President Barack Obama once labeled "an unelected group of people" gave their rubber-stamp approval to the Affordable Care Act, the Supreme Court may have actually outdone Roe v. Wade in the bad law department.  A quartet of liberals, one of whom should have recused herself, along with one conservative renegade, all agreed that, on behalf of healthcare reform, bureaucrats should have the authority to tax Americans into oblivion, which when money runs out will ultimately develop into the authority to jettison the aged and infirm into permanent oblivion. After the controversial health care decision was handed down last week, a triumphant Barack Obama responded by confidently striding into the East Room to deliver a follow-up speech. Owning the podium, the POTUS mentioned again the "fundamental" American right to cradle-to-grave government assistance in the area of health care and celebrated a constitutional decision based on a document that Obama...(Read Full Article)