Obama, Bush, and Women's Health

Unable to accept the reality of his own ineptitude, Barack Obama relentlessly calls attention to his predecessor.  For his every policy failure, Obama continues to blame Republicans and specifically everybody's affable fall guy, George W. Bush.  Yet when it comes to genuine concern for the lives of women and children, the president and a fawning liberal press work in tandem to disguise his tawdry vote-pandering as authentic empathy, and if at all possible avoid calling attention to the humanitarian efforts of former President G.W. Bush. For example, of late, Obama 2012 campaign co-chair/Latina "brainstorming" actress Eva Longoria is out promoting Barack Obama as God's gift to womanhood.  Longoria, part-time liberal spokesperson and border security expert, is touring swing states reminding female voters that "President Obama is fighting for us, so let's go out and fight for him!" The problem is that Barack Obama's idea of fighting for women is to insinuate that females...(Read Full Article)