Obama and the Fantasy of Omniscient Government

Marxism and its precursor, socialism, are the philosophies of choice for those who are obsessed with self-aggrandizement and the need to attain control over their fellow man.  In order to achieve this end, a nebulous antagonist must be created, followed by an equally ill-defined savior, also fabricated out of whole cloth.  Thus Marxism/socialism is a doctrine built on a foundation of lies and deception.  Barack Obama, thoroughly steeped in these tenets, is therefore running a campaign for re-election which must be based on demagoguery, falsehoods, and innuendo. Having attended college in the early to mid-1960s and since then living in the Washington, D.C. region, I have been often exposed to many who espoused not only the virtue of Marxist/socialist theory, but a loathing for the United States and its supposed colonialist, homophobic, avaricious, and racist past.  However, I was told that the real enemy of the people were those twin antagonists: capitalism and...(Read Full Article)