Nobody Else Made It Happen, Mr. President

President Obama unwittingly defined himself as clueless about business in Roanoke late last week: If you've got a business -- you didn't build that. Somebody else made that happen. And of course, since you did nothing to build your business, it belongs to "the people" -- along with any wealth or profit derived from it.  Pretty much what Lenin had to say about the matter, if you recall. The president is obviously clueless about what it takes to start a business from scratch, having never done anything remotely like that, since his career has consisted entirely of suckling at the government teat. But having done it myself a few times, perhaps I should take a stab at enlightening him, and those who unfortunately think like him.  The process is quite different from being a well-connected campaign donor who tosses together a green energy scam like Solyndra and can depend on government largess to fund it as a kickback for services rendered. First, you need to take a...(Read Full Article)