Love Thy Neighbor?

My neighbor seems like a nice guy but suffers from muddled thinking. The other day he came over to see me and said he was overextended financially, had maxed out all his credit cards, and wanted to know if I could lend him some money.  I told him that I usually didn't lend money to non-family members but asked how much he needed.  When he said a "few thousand" I immediately told him no. Well, then, he persisted, could I help him out by making a few of his house payments since he was about five months behind.  Again I responded negatively. "How about helping my kids who will be going to college in the fall?" he said.  "They need a loan with a low rate -- and they can't promise you when or if they'll ever pay it back." "No," I said again. "OK, if you can't -- or won't -- do that could you at least give my daughter a couple of hundred bucks a month while she's in school?" "A couple of hundred bucks a month?" I said.  "What for?" "Look, I may not agree with what...(Read Full Article)