It's the Bureaucrats, Stupid

It is hard to know whether Congressman Mike Kelly knew that his delicious diatribe  on the House floor would be the perfect follow-up to Obama of Roanoke or not.  But it was. Thus, I submit that all you really need to know about the two general visions for America being debated in this election cycle can be summed up by contrasting the Pennsylvania congressman's now semi-famous rant and Roanoke.  Oh, it's not all there is to know, but perhaps it really is all one needs to know -- as it perfectly illustrates the progressive "you didn't build that" government-centered mindset in action on Main Street, as that very mindset plays out every hour of every business day, destroying businesses, hopes, dreams, and lives. Once the very foundational nature of this insidiousness is understood, everything else falls into place.  Perhaps even in the minds of the precious moderates and independents.  It's the bureaucrats, stupid!  Vote Obama in 2012, and you have cast...(Read Full Article)