It's Slipping Away

Anyone paying attention has read or least has heard about the plausible investigative story from CBS reporter Jan Crawford suggesting that Chief Justice Roberts chickened out on striking down ObamaCare.  He's got some 'splainin' to do.  Except apparently he devoted a month 'splainin' his flip-flop to Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wasn't buying any of it.  Neither should we. Conservative stalwarts Charles Krauthammer and George Will have luxuriated under the same fountain frequented by Roberts, judging by their plaintive pleadings and contorted apologetics on behalf of Robert's capitulation. Hyperbolic rapture has been customary from the usual gang of lefty historians about Obama the constitutional law scholar, etiam voracious reader, etiam brilliant legislative cobbler, etiam world peace guru, and, this past week, "historian-in-chief" (from Politico here). Who would have predicted that Krauthammer and Will on the right would imitate Obama's massage parlor pals...(Read Full Article)