Israeli Police Mimic Stupidity of TSA

It's maddening when government organizations which are supposed to protect the public against terrorism and crime trade logic and proficiency for appeasement and political correctness.  Think TSA officials searching a 95-year-old woman.  Unfortunately, Israeli officials seem to have taken a page out of the TSA handbook on how to humiliate the country's own citizens while placating its enemy. Muslim clerics in Israel are notorious for crying "wolf" (i.e., "Jew"), causing the Israeli police to spring into action.  For example, whenever a Jewish holiday approaches, Islamic clerics work their followers into a frenzy over the possibility of Jews visiting the Temple Mount.  Recently, before Jerusalem Day, the day that marks the reunification of Jerusalem and the liberation of the Temple Mount, a leading Muslim cleric, Sheikh Yousef Ideis, made such claims.  He warned Arabs to "be alert for possible infiltration of fanatic Jews" on the Temple Mount.  Instead of...(Read Full Article)