Is Obama's Brother a Conservative Republican?

Here's an intriguing thought: is Barack Obama's brother a closet conservative?  Might George Obama endorse Mitt Romney for president? The thought -- mostly facetious, yes -- was prompted by Dinesh D'Souza's fascinating new feature film, 2016: Obama's America, just now being released.  D'Souza trotted the globe in search of Obama's enigmatic roots -- like many of us, doing the job the pro-Obama mainstream media refuses to do.  In one of the most compelling parts of the film, D'Souza sits down and interviews Obama's brother, George, who lives in a hut in Kenya.  D'Souza's crew captured grim footage of the hut; it is indeed a hut. Actually, "hut" may be a charitable description. And speaking of charity, Obama, who loves to lecture us about being our "brother's keeper," clearly isn't his brother's keeper.  In fact, it appears Obama hasn't tossed his brother anything worth keeping, or barely living on.  D'Souza asked George Obama about just that, and Obama's...(Read Full Article)