Is Mitt Manning Up?

Watching the strange lassitude that engulfed the Republican presidential campaign around the Independence Day break, one couldn't help wondering: where was the Mitt Romney of the primaries, Mitt the Terrible?  That Mitt Romney, vigorous and ruthless, who had attacked his rivals with gusto, displaying the proverbial fire in the belly that should power any presidential aspirant?  At times he was even a bit too nasty, paying the price in public perception. But nearly all the political pros watching from the sidelines nodded approval: he did what he had to do.  All's fair in love and war, and while love is a scarce commodity in the public square, politics is war by other means, inverting Carl Clausewitz's sage observation.  In short, we saw a fighting Mitt, and conservatives thought they had reason to believe that, having destroyed his Republican foes, he would tear into Barack Obama like a junkyard dog Alas, until recently there was no sign of that intrepid...(Read Full Article)