Infantilizing Leftist Morality

Among the various ways that modern leftism benefits from its systematic promotion of infantilism is that perpetual children lack the basic courage that is essential to the maintenance of liberty.  A courageous adult will not trade his freedom, let alone that of others, for a "social safety net."  Thus, leftists are deeply invested in cowardice, although naturally, as clever propagandists, they use alternative names in their promotional materials. Everyone can recall the following experience from his own early childhood: you are wandering through the market with your mother, feeling quite carefree in dawdling among any items that strike your fancy, until suddenly you look around and realize that your mother is nowhere to be seen.  Instantly, the reckless abandon of the self-indulgent daydreamer is transformed into a near-paralyzing fear: "I can't face this strange world alone!" Being gripped by the fear of abandonment in this way is "irrational," in the sense that it is...(Read Full Article)