If Darwin Was Right, Don't Sweat Global Warming

With record-setting heat, power outages, and raging wildfires in the news, it was just a matter of time before global warming reared its sweaty head as the culprit.  Seth Borenstein's July 3 AP story on the possible link between the record heat and global warming was quick to note that it is too early to say for sure that the two are linked, but the story then featured a parade of "mainstream climate scientists" who warned that our current heat is just a foreshadowing of what global warming will bring.  Though Al Gore was not quoted in the story, we can expect that the political rhetoric will heat up like an asphalt street as the summer progresses.  Though most scientific theories hold no interest for politicians, global warming is one of the two -- the other being Darwinism -- that have become gospel for liberals.  Question superstring theory or evidence for the Higgs boson, and liberals yawn; challenge global warming or Darwinism, and they set upon you with...(Read Full Article)