Government Wins Even ObamaCare Ruling's 'Silver Lining'

Some conservatives believe there's a silver lining in Chief Justice Roberts' opinion upholding ObamaCare because he pays lip service to limited government.  Folks, the constitutional rule of law lost.  To use a more appropriate metaphor, the only thing that looks silver is the shining metal of knives the government wields. The unprecedented takeover of one-sixth of our economy and the greatest loss of individual liberty that the largest number of Americans have suffered in over a century is just the tip of the iceberg.  Whatever rhetorical spin one can put on Roberts' opinion is more than offset by the practical, deep, transcending, and even hidden effects of the ObamaCare ruling. It is risible that Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and their ilk will feel the least bit restrained by Roberts' civics lesson about limited federal government power.  Obama must be laughing all the way to his next fundraiser with bankers. John Roberts' nonsensical, activist...(Read Full Article)