Gov. Romney, Please Meet Gov. Coolidge

The American public may be about to do something it has not done in 88 years: elect a former governor of Massachusetts as president of the United States.  In anticipation of this election, we can only hope that some of Governor  Romney's advisors will introduce him to his predecessor,  Governor Calvin Coolidge. Coolidge was one of the most popular presidents in U.S. history, but historians have tended to underestimate his importance.  However, with the advent of Reagan and the revival of conservatism, Coolidge's place in history has been re-appraised.  Historian Paul Johnson has called Coolidge "[t]he most internally consistent and single minded of modern American presidents."  Amity Shlaes has written recently that Coolidge believed his first obligation was "to do no harm. His no harm rule came out of strength of character. By holding back, Coolidge believed he sustained stability, so that citizens knew what to expect from their government."...(Read Full Article)