Forget Immigration. It's Big Government Hispanic Voters Want.

If we are to believe the polls, Hispanic voters love big government.  Just adore it.  They want more of it.  Lots more.  And they will vote to make that happen. Pundits are currently tying themselves into knots trying to figure out how the presidential candidates' positions on immigration will impact their popularity with Hispanic voters. The answer?  Who cares?  What drives Hispanic voters is simple, and it was captured with shocking clarity by a Pew Hispanic Center poll in April.  A mind-blowing 75 percent of Hispanics tell Pew they want bigger government with more services.  Contrast that with just 41 percent of the American public that says it wants bigger government with more services.  (Some 45 percent of the general American population wants smaller government with fewer services.  For Hispanics, it's 19 percent.) This Hispanic love affair with big government isn't a short-term result of the Great Recession.  It isn't a...(Read Full Article)