Forbidden Science: Low Level Radiation and Cancer

Some things are hard to believe.  What you've been told about low-level radiation by the people who are supposed to be responsible authorities is very wrong.  The evidence that the official story is wrong is overwhelming.  They know about the evidence.  Yet because they have a vested interest in being wrong, they willfully keep being wrong.  There is massive evidence that low levels of radiation rather than causing cancer, actually suppress cancer.  The reason is, probably, that radiation in small or moderate quantities stimulates cellular repair mechanisms.  This is not to negate the fact that large amounts of radiation can kill you or make you sick.  This protective effect of low levels of radiation is called radiation hormesis. The case of radiation hormesis provides yet more evidence that the scientific establishment and the EPA are lacking in objectivity when their interests are at stake.  They cling to scare stories like...(Read Full Article)