Far-Reaching Changes Threaten Israel And Western Interests in Mediterranean

There are dramatic changes in the security picture on Israel's southern border, but you would not know it by reading, listening to, or watching most of the American press or listening to press briefings at the White House or the State Department.     Arab terrorists have escalated attacks from Gaza and Sinai, hitting a shopping center in southern Israel in a rocket attack Tuesday. This was part of a tenfold jump in attacks on Israel's southern border last month -- from ten to 99 rocket barrages -- leaving  two Israelis dead and four wounded.   But  much of the Western media, such as the Associated Press and Fox News, have been reporting that Israel's borders have been quiet. "Israel's border with the Gaza Strip has been largely quiet since a major Israeli offensive 3 1/2 years ago, but there have been sporadic flare-ups of violence since," asserted an AP report  Tuesday, describing the terrorists in Gaza as "militants." Bulletin to AP and...(Read Full Article)