Blue Highways Revisited

Even with record high gasoline prices and sweltering temperatures, millions of Americans will take to the road this summer to discover America.  Before they do, they should also take the time to rediscover Blue Highways:  A Journey into America, a classic American travelogue written by William Least Heat-Moon.  Blue Highways will soon reach the 30th anniversary of its publication, and in honor of the occasion, two photographers recently retraced the author's  journey and took photos showing what the people and places described in Blue Highways look like today.  Their work has been published in Blue Highways Revisited, a remarkable achievement in its own right. Although Blue Highways is a positive and hopeful book, it was born of despair.  Least Heat-Moon, who is part Osage Indian, lost his job as an English professor on the same day his half-Cherokee wife told him she was seeing another man.  With no commitments and few prospects, Least...(Read Full Article)