Beyond the Ballot Box

For many, life in today's America is becoming ever more unsettling.  It's not only what has been unfolding in Washington; the relentless affronts by Mr. Obama and his administration, the lack of basic accountability in government, the unraveling of our Constitution, or the specter of what the numbers tell us about the future of our nation.  What is most startling of all is witnessing America's reaction to these developments, or perhaps more succinctly, the lack of reaction. To behold the nonchalant attitudes and obsessions with all manner of insignificant distractions among the unfazed crowd is an increasingly alarming exercise.  It appears, regardless of what comes out of Washington, that life goes on unchanged for many Americans.  When combined with the "spiking of the football" by the acolytes of an almighty, infinitely expanding government, the entire matter is disconcerting, to say the least. Rather suddenly, the incremental erosion that has haunted America...(Read Full Article)