Australia's Green Ideological Disaster

Australia is providing a case study in the self-destructive politics of green ideology, when believers of the religion of global warming gain political leverage. Between 1996 and 2007, John Howard became Australia's second-longest-serving prime minister, with his center-right administration being regarded as the epitome of responsible economic management, overseeing the "good years for Australia."  In 2007, Kevin Rudd's left-wing Labor Party gained office, and by 2009, a six-year run of budget surpluses gave way to the largest deficits in modern politics.  A slew of ideologically charged policies followed, including a nationally subsidised home insulation scheme which was unregulated, resulting in millions of wasted funds and even a death due to unqualified installation, and a public education "revolution" to renovate school buildings where the government happily paid exorbitant over-inflated tenders for unnecessary and, in some cases, unwanted refurbishments, blowing over...(Read Full Article)