And Now On to the Conventions and November

With Sunday's talk shows behind us, we now see the Obama administration furiously trying to fend off the public labeling of ObamaCare as a tax.  Jack Lew, Obama's chief of staff, tried every conceivable way to parry against Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, but Wallace continued pinning him to the ropes.  Lew just would not admit that ObamaCare is a tax, even though his administration's solicitor general pleaded with the Supreme Court to call it a tax, and the Court ultimately gave it that label.  If the surest way to know that a politician is lying is when he moves his lips, what shall be said when he refuses to stand by his solicitor general's own argument when the Supreme Court quotes him? The passion among conservatives is at its boiling point, and the timing is nigh perfect for the rise in temperature.  Obama desperately scrambled in every direction to deny that he was imposing a tax on Americans, a tax that primarily hits the middle-class.  Seventy-five...(Read Full Article)