A Miracle in Wyoming

At the base of the Wind River mountain range in central Wyoming lies the tiny town of Lander, population 7,000.  A community where everybody knows virtually everyone else's name and their dogs', too. Gizmo, a young yellow Labrador retriever, runs as a mate to Joe, our local golf course superintendant.  On any given day -- sunup to sundown -- the two can be seen mowing the fairways, Joe on the mower and Gizmo running a trailing position, sniffing out prairie dogs, birds, and other critters that dare find their way onto his golf course. On June 27, tragedy befell the community, and Gizmo became a part of a story that will be told for many years to come. The volunteer fire whistle rang out just after 5:00pm.  Joe, unable to take Gizmo with him during his round of golf in a men's league event, left the canine where he knew he would be safe: in his office at the community center adjacent to the golf course.  It was a place Gizmo knew well and was comfortable in. Joe and...(Read Full Article)