Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Left?

The left feeds on fear.  It does not try to persuade, but rather to excite or to terrify.  But over the last couple of decades, conservatives have learned that the left is a toothless predator which relies upon its snarls and roars more than any real power to punish.  The maledictions of leftism are familiar and suggest racial prejudice, misogyny, religious fanaticism, anti-social greed, indifference to pollution, etc.    Rush Limbaugh was subject to innumerable boycotts and outraged calls of leftists for his summary gagging.  Rush, though, had done his homework.  The tens of millions of true conservatives who had no national media outlet but his show and Rush's willingness to expose the utter hypocrisy of the leftist establishment media (putting them on the defensive) worked: attempts to frighten sponsors from his program failed spectacularly, and the more times that leftists tried to drive him away, with no success at all, the more we loved...(Read Full Article)