Who Will Stand for Hard Work?

What does it mean to be a business owner today in America?  It means you take all the risk, put in all the effort.  In return, you get the trophy of supporting all the people able to fill out paperwork, giving them entitlements and endless excuses to destroy their own destiny, along with ours. My husband and I took a big risk eight years ago.  We took all our money and invested in ourselves.  We started our own business, and we put 10- to 15-hour days in, seven days a week, in order to make it a success...for eight years...nonstop...with no vacations...or even weekends off.  Believe me: plenty of my friends thought this was foolish on our part.  We missed out on many opportunities for fun.  Why? Because that is what successful Americans do.  They work and work, to create something no one else has created before them.  We also employ decent, hardworking people, who pay their taxes and contribute to society.  These good people and...(Read Full Article)