'When Barry Met Shelley'

Based on the brick wall backdrop and Michelle's black and white outfit, it appears that back in March, after dining with "Dinner with Barack and Michelle" contest winners, the first couple took the time at the Boundary Road Restaurant in Washington, D.C. to attempt to raise more cash by injecting a little romance into the campaign and taping a video in which they recount their first date.  The goal of the ad is to coax smitten sycophants into sending in small donations for a chance to be entered into a raffle where a lucky winner and guest can share a double-date night with America's most "hip, cutting edge, cultural, sensitive" president and the average neighborhood girl he fell in love with so many years ago. The tacky commercial is strikingly similar to the interviews featured at the conclusion of the 1989 Billy Crystal/Meg Ryan movie When Harry Met Sally, where older couples sit side by side and recount the early stages of their relationships.  Ironically, the Obama...(Read Full Article)