What Liberals Really Respect

"I think he did the right thing," said the man, emphatically, in reference to Bill Clinton's 1990s infidelity with Monica Lewinsky.  The sentiment, expressed during a conversation I had some years ago, was really no surprise.  You see, the fellow was a fine specimen of his political species. In every civilization, you have, to use psychological terminology, well-adjusted individuals and dysfunctional ones.  Of course, dividing people into two groups will always be problematic, as moral status is a continuum.  As we walking, talking anachronisms like to say, we're all sinners; it's just a matter of degree.  Nonetheless, some people do try to exercise virtue in their lives, while others are so immersed in vice that they could mistake it for virtue.  However you characterize it, though, in our time, the dysfunctional vice-lovers are described by what is another lacking term: liberals. Many people believe that things such as politics can be compartmentalized;...(Read Full Article)