What Is Obama Hiding?

There has been plenty of conjecture regarding Obama's biography.  Clearly, he has a penchant for fiction and does not care to fact-check his own life.  Nor does he care for others to fact-check or scrutinize what he has been doing as president.  Has this been why he has been decimating the taxpayers' best friends in Washington: the inspectors general? Inspectors general are investigative officials charged with monitoring government programs for waste, fraud, incompetency, corruption, and the like.  They are the taxpayers' first line of defense against a rampaging, out-of-control, and corrupt government.  Unlike many if not most government programs, inspector general programs have a sterling return on investment.  For example, Daniel Levinson, inspector general of the Health and Human Services Department, has been an unheralded hero for taxpayers.  Since he took his job a few years ago, his investigations have led to more charges for health care fraud...(Read Full Article)