What 'Every Economist' Says

The expression "every economist" is one of the most widely abused in politics.  In various formulations, one hears a lot of this rhetoric.  You see, there's no disagreement among economists.  Keynesians, Austrians, Marxists, classical economists, Rastafarians, you name it...they all say the same thing.  Here are some examples (italics added): " ... every economist that I've spoken to, George, from well-known economists on the right, conservative economists, to economists on the left and everyone in between, says the scope of this package has to be bold, it has to be big," said Joe Biden in Dec. 2008. " ... pretty much every economist concluded that we were definitely headed for another recession. And now, a few months later, the data has suddenly come in better than expected, and now almost no one is saying we're headed for a recession," wrote Henry Blodget in Dec. 2011. " ... they are clearly prepared to sabotage things that every economist says are in the...(Read Full Article)