America is now at war. It is a civil war, but no shots will be fired. It's a war over the Constitution, yet it will be through the Constitution that the winner will be determined.  The opponents in this war are not Republicans against Democrats. This war is between the American people and their government. Some of the American people, though, will choose -- have chosen -- sides with the government. Too many Republicans have sided wrongly in this war. They justify their choice by calling themselves "compassionate conservatives," and such. The government has many advantages over the people in this war. It has the authority to make law -- the very rules of this war. Government is legislator, prosecutor and judge, yet it is a contestant, too. Our government has clearly shown its contempt and disregard for the rule of law. In other words, our government cheats. Obama doesn't merely cheat; he plays dirty. Another advantage that the government has is the power to tax. As we saw today...(Read Full Article)