Voting with My Feet in Massachusetts

One of the things I'll miss about Massachusetts is the revolving opportunity to vote against John Kerry every few years.  For a while, of course, I had the privilege of voting against Ted Kennedy as well, and if I had lived a few towns to the south, I could have voted against Barney Frank, too. There is something very satisfying about voting against extremely bad people.  The rest of the country gets to see our liberal hacks only in the news.  In Massachusetts, I proudly voted against them. In this state, you'll quickly lose your mind if you start looking for candidates you actually like.  On the rare occasions when Massachusetts elects a non-Democrat, such as Mitt Romney or Scott Brown, it is always Mitt Romney or Scott Brown.  Massachusetts has an astonishing number of execrable politicians, and no good ones.  Mitt Romney may or may not be a real conservative now, but he wasn't one back then.  To the degree that he is now a conservative, it...(Read Full Article)