Virginia Is Sinking

Virginia has attracted much attention recently not only because of its status as a swing state, but also as a sinking state.  Within the same week, two remarkably similar articles were published featuring the nexus between political belief systems and coastal sea level impacts.  The June 5, 2012 BBC News Magazine article by Daniel Nasaw "Virginia's dying marshes and climate change denial" was soon followed by the June 10, 2012 PilotOnline "Lawmakers avoid buzzwords on climate change bills" by Scott Harper. Mr. Nasaw paints a dismal picture of the Virginia coastline with trees withering away and vital marsh lands sinking, victims of a "rising sea level," linked to "climate change denial."  Amongst those quoted in his two-page article is Carl Hershner who "studies coastal resources management at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science (VIMS)." Mr. Hershner dutifully laments that, "Here in Virginia there is very little political will to address the mitigation side of...(Read Full Article)