Undercover Community Organizer

Watching President Obama lead this nation is like watching a reverse episode of Undercover Boss.  But Obama's undercover leadership is having far more disastrous consequences than a fake CEO's would, as the entity that Obama is currently running into the ground isn't merely a corporation. If you're unfamiliar with Undercover Boss, it's a reality TV show that places the disguised CEOs of various companies temporarily undercover in entry-level positions within their organizations, giving them the opportunity to observe operations firsthand.  The results are often hilarious and leave you wondering just how it is that these CEOs are able to lead these companies when they seem to lack the ability to perform some very basic tasks.  It's proof positive that sometimes it's better for everyone when a person just stays within his own particular skill set. Because these CEOs have such a tough time with their temporary jobs, does this mean that if the scenario were reversed, and...(Read Full Article)