Undercover Community Organizer

Watching President Obama lead this nation is like watching a reverse episode of Undercover Boss.  But Obama's undercover leadership is having far more disastrous consequences than a fake CEO's would, as the entity that Obama is currently running into the ground isn't merely a corporation.

If you're unfamiliar with Undercover Boss, it's a reality TV show that places the disguised CEOs of various companies temporarily undercover in entry-level positions within their organizations, giving them the opportunity to observe operations firsthand.  The results are often hilarious and leave you wondering just how it is that these CEOs are able to lead these companies when they seem to lack the ability to perform some very basic tasks.  It's proof positive that sometimes it's better for everyone when a person just stays within his own particular skill set.

Because these CEOs have such a tough time with their temporary jobs, does this mean that if the scenario were reversed, and selected workers were placed undercover as CEOs, we would witness once and for all how easy the job of fat-cat CEO really is?  I think not, but it would be fun to watch the events unfold, as surely many of the long-held theories and stereotypes of what it would be like to run a large company, and the imagined ideas of what it is that bosses actually do, would be brought along and employed by these temporary bosses.

Many likely hold the romanticized vision of a CEO with his feet up on the desk, mindlessly barking orders to a bunch of underappreciated peons, and not doing much of anything else other than playing golf or jet-setting around the globe while an unlimited supply of money magically flows into the company coffers.  This might be true if your last name happens to be Kennedy or Kerry, but for most it's simply not the case.

While the pressure of being a CEO would certainly cause many to buckle, a few of these undercover workers might possess the audacity to claim (while surrounded by evidence to the contrary) that the corporation's business model "never worked" in the first place and that it needs to be "fundamentally transformed" before it ever will work.  Still others may use their newfound authority to vilify and punish the top producers within the organization or try to spread around the earnings of the high earners in the name of "fairness."  The results of this kind of so-called leadership would no doubt be disastrous for the companies involved if this reign of power went beyond the very temporary.

With Barack Obama as president, there's no need to wait for an episode of Undercover Worker to be created; we're currently witnessing the national equivalent firsthand.  Since Obama has taken office, we've had an undercover community organizer in the White House, and the effects on this nation's bottom line are as one would expect from someone with his particular set of skills.   

If our undercover community organizer were president for only a day or two we wouldn't be in the debacle we currently find ourselves in.  But after more than three years of Obama's "leadership," we're left with six trillion in new debt, a failed so-called stimulus, real unemployment in the double-digits, food stamp usage at an all-time high, the failed creation of "preferred" green energy jobs that filled the pockets only of Obama's crony donors, and a health care law that will only accelerate our road to bankruptcy if not overturned.

This level of incompetence would never be tolerated by the American people if the mainstream media were doing its job and truly informing the public.  Instead, we have undercover activists, such as Soledad O'Brien of CNN and a host of others disguised as objective journalists, carrying the water for President Obama and the Democrats.  Fortunately, the new media is starting to force the MSM to do its job even if it is at an extremely slow pace.  After all, one need only look toward Wisconsin to see how the antitheses of Obama's policies are working and for an example of true leadership.  People do seem to be finally getting the message, which explains why Scott Walker survived the recall effort by a sizable margin.

Was Obama so sure that his theories would work that he thought that all he had to do was sit back, put his feet up on the desk, and bark out his orders, and the rest would just fall into place?  If so, this may explain why Obama thought he had so much time available for golf and lavish vacations.  Wouldn't it be nice to be a member of the cool crowd?

Obama now appears shell-shocked that things haven't worked out as he had demanded, and this has forced him to utilize his real skill set -- community organizing.  He's trying to bully the economy into working by vilifying the job-creators; dividing people along racial, economic, and gender lines; and threatening to use executive orders when he doesn't get his way.  His desperate tactics now appear too strong even for some big-name Democrats, who appear to want off the sinking ship. 

The shareholders of this nation need to hold Obama accountable and oust this undercover community organizer who's currently making a mess of everything he touches.  He really is an amateur who has spent his entire life surrounded by the cocoon of left-wing theories and stereotypes.  Experience and reality trump theory and stereotypes every time and contrary to what Obama is trying to sell us, the private sector is not doing fine under his leadership.   

On Undercover Bosses, when the CEOs go back to their real jobs, everyone is relieved, and life improves greatly for all involved.  This is why it's time to hire a leader who possesses actual real-world experience for the job of president this November.  Mitt Romney's resume, while it does contain some flaws, shows that his skill set is a much better fit for the position he's applying for than the "skills" of the White House's current occupant.

Scott blogs at www.politiseeds.com.