They took prayer out of the schools.  We grumbled, but did nothing.  They took George Washington's portrait out of the classrooms.  We grumbled, but did nothing.  They started teaching collective socialist doctrine to our children.  We grumbled, but did nothing. They started awarding trophies to every player in school team sports, winners and losers.  They replaced health classes with sex education, and taught it to grade school children.  They promoted failing students in the name of self esteem.  We grumbled, but did nothing. They raided the Social Security fund.  They turned once great universities into socialist indoctrination centers.  They fed us a steady diet of sex, perversion, and violence in our music, movies, and television.  They told us that sexual predators and murderers can be "rehabilitated."  They told us that morality itself is "relative."  They created a huge underclass totally dependent on government...(Read Full Article)