The Worst Story Ever Told

When it comes to politics, Hollywood must be suffering cognitive dissonance right now. Entertainers typically are left-wing ideologues, so it's natural for them to support a fellow traveler like Barack Obama.  On the other hand, they also are professional storytellers, and Mr. Obama's story contains plot holes, poorly developed characters, implausible story twists, and no final act.  His life seems like a remake of an obscure 1930s Russian box office flop. As screenwriters like to say, every story has a beginning, middle, and end.  The beginning introduces the protagonist and links him to the unfolding story with a triggering event.  Complications ensue in the middle, and the protagonist reaches rock bottom.  The end is the satisfying resolution of the story.  That final act in the story's structure includes the climax and denouement -- a period of calm, during which normalcy returns. But Mr. Obama's story is a series of beginnings and middles, with no...(Read Full Article)