The White House Fast Food Soap Opera

An odd tale of marital tension may be playing itself out before the nation's eyes, as Michelle Obama devotes herself to cajoling Americans into eating healthier food and exercising more while her husband eagerly stuffs his face out on the hustings with the junkiest of junk food. He does it so often that Michelle's allies, The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, have publicly called for President Obama to stop "eating unhealthy foods like hot dogs or pepperoni pizza that contain processed meat, or cheeseburgers or hamburgers that can contribute to obesity," in publicity photos. Yet the president persists, flagrantly flaunting fast food Monday in Atlanta, at the Varsity that city's temple of chili dog splendor. Andrew Malcolm of Investor's Business Daily waggishly captioned him blessing the fast-food counter clerks there.  President Obama has visually desecrated his wife's holy mission so many times, so publicly, that it has gone from being a "naughty schoolboy"...(Read Full Article)