The Morphing Obama Biography and the Skeptics

An odd taboo has been created on noticing that the president of the United States has a biography that can adapt itself to the needs of the moment.  Go too far in raising an alarm, and be labeled "birther" and shunned in polite society.  The credit for creating the "birther" label was claimed in 2008 by columnist David Weigel: I think I originally coined the term "Birthers" to describe the people who think the state of Hawaii and its time travel machine are concealing the truth about Obama's birth on the roof of a mosque in Kenya. It's not just the reference to 9/11 "truthers" that I like. It's the callback to the John Birch Society, id est the "Birchers." Weigel was also the most notorious "JournoLister."  In case you've forgotten about that left-wing media cabal, this Daily Caller article described the JournoList's coordinated efforts to bury the Jeremiah Wright story during the 2008 campaign.  (Although JournoList was disbanded in 2010, the mainstream media,...(Read Full Article)