The Hillary Gambit: Will She Replace Biden?

In a sign of increasing desperation on the left, speculation is rife that Barack Obama will kick Vice President Joe Biden off his team and replace him with that perpetual presidential wannabe, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.  As Hillary's fans see it, such a maneuver would bring fat dividends to the Democratic ticket. The only truly useful role Biden plays in the administration is that of a lightning rod and a diversion.  Next to Mr. National Embarrassment, the president looks like a tower of intelligence and wisdom, his missteps dwarfed into insignificance by the Niagara Falls of gaffes the buffoonish VP disgorges with clockwork regularity.  Otherwise, Biden's utility is highly doubtful. The white working class is not buying his faux regular-guy credentials, while the open war declared by the administration on the Roman Catholic Church has negated the Catholic vice president's usefulness as the administration's liaison to his church. On top of that, Biden's...(Read Full Article)