The Grim Logic of 'Fairness'

There are many who insist that one particular form of societal organization is "more fair" than others.  That's the apparent underlying theme of the "Occupy" movement that has been making headlines the past year. Yet when one looks around the world and back in history, it is difficult to find a society that was not stratified, with a few having more and most having less.  Even tribal societies exhibit this trait.  There may not have been a lot of "more" to possess, but to the extent it existed, more was concentrated in the hands of the tribal elders and leaders. Be it ancient Egyptian, Mayan, Minoan, or other old cultures, or the states of the 21st century, we simply don't have any examples that have distributed a society's wealth equally among its citizens. The main difference among the various options for government seems to be the basis on which the unequal distribution is made. In tribal societies, authority was held by either the elders, where status was often...(Read Full Article)