The Dictator in the Black Iron Man Suit

My nephew, along with other fellow black family and friends, defends Obama no matter what.  My young adult nephew, bless his ignorant heart, said, "All I know is Bush made a mess -- and when we get a black president, people have formed a camp to destroy him."  I am sure he expresses the sentiment of a majority of blacks. I asked my brothers Jerry and David to define what it means to be black.  My brothers defined being black as having nothing to do with one's behavior, but simply having what is commonly known as "black skin."  It was refreshing to hear my siblings' answer.  Al Sharpton and a majority of the so-called black civil rights coalition define blackness as having an urban experience, solely dependent on government for survival, always voting Democrat, and being incapable of finding one's way to acquire a photo ID.  Sharpton and company consider self sufficient-blacks traitors to their race, trying to act white.  All of my life, I have fought...(Read Full Article)