The Dictator in the Black Iron Man Suit

My nephew, along with other fellow black family and friends, defends Obama no matter what.  My young adult nephew, bless his ignorant heart, said, "All I know is Bush made a mess -- and when we get a black president, people have formed a camp to destroy him."  I am sure he expresses the sentiment of a majority of blacks.

I asked my brothers Jerry and David to define what it means to be black.  My brothers defined being black as having nothing to do with one's behavior, but simply having what is commonly known as "black skin."  It was refreshing to hear my siblings' answer. 

Al Sharpton and a majority of the so-called black civil rights coalition define blackness as having an urban experience, solely dependent on government for survival, always voting Democrat, and being incapable of finding one's way to acquire a photo ID. 

Sharpton and company consider self sufficient-blacks traitors to their race, trying to act white. 

All of my life, I have fought to free myself and fellow blacks from the left's efforts to force blacks to live in their "black box."

For example: the left says if you are black and prefer opera over rap music, you are trying to be white.  Even in schools, black students have been persecuted for having good grades and speaking proper English.  This is a contributing factor to 70% of black males dropping out of school.  It simply is not "cool" to be a good student. 

As a child, I believed there was a great big, wonderful world out there.  Why must I be limited to live only in a black box?  White people are free to express themselves however they please.  But as a black person, my acceptable choices are limited to achievement via an urban perspective. 

So-called black civil rights leaders are first and foremost zealots of liberalism.  Loyalty to skin color is farther down their list.  This is why the NAACP so despised the first black secretary of state, Condoleezza Rice, and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  Rice and Thomas achieved major success via education and hard work, sidestepping the left's rule for acceptable black achievement.  They dictate that blacks succeed only in their authorized black box via government intervention and lowered standards.

Even Obama had to counteract his own coming from wealth and privilege and attending Harvard.  Obama had to kiss the rings of black poverty pimps Sharpton and Jackson and attend Rev.  Jeremiah Wright's racist church for 20 years to win "street cred" and prove that he is down with the brothers. 

Blacks who support Obama to a fault are functioning on the misconception that Obama is black like them.  The dirty little secret is that Obama is not black as they define blackness -- someone who looks like them, operating with their best interest at heart.  Obama is first and foremost a zealot of liberalism, ruling from within a black Iron Man suit -- an indestructible suit of armor which protects him from all criticism and opposition.

Sam Donaldson and a majority of his comrades in the mainstream media have launched their own re-elect Obama campaign.  Their modus operandi is to declare all opposition to Obama racist -- "people on the right against a black president."  Such is the narrative they plan to brand on the forehead of every patriot until the election.

The mainstream media used Obama's black Iron Man suit to exempt him from the traditional vetting process of presidential wannabes.  Because Obama was the presidential nominee in the black Iron Man suit, the mainstream media ignored Obama's friendship with Bill Ayers, a self-proclaimed communist who bombed government buildings in the 1960s.  The media buried the story about Obama attending Rev. Jeremiah Wright's church for 20 years -- a church which taught racism against whites and that America is evil.

Even today, we know very little about Obama's history and education.  There is unprecedented secrecy surrounding the past of this U.S. president.  How does Obama get away with it?  He lives safe, warm, and protected in his black Iron Man suit. 

On top of his numerous unprecedented usurpations of power, incidents of breaking the law, and insistences on ignoring the Constitution, Obama has just given Arizona the finger.  In short, Obama has instructed his justice department not to enforce immigration laws in Arizona and to punish Arizona for any attempts to defend its own border.  How can Obama get away with such an outrageous, lawless, Soviet-dictator-like ruling?  Obama is the ruler in the black Iron Man suit. 

To all you blacks who think Obama is one of you: you are wrong.  Obama is not black.  Any loyalty he has to fellow people of color is trumped by his devout loyalty to his religion of liberalism.

For example: liberalism says the planet/the environment is better off with fewer people.  This is why Obama supports abortion despite the genocide of blacks via abortion.  Blacks are being aborted at a faster rate than any other group.  Would a true black homey support abortion?

While Obama claims to be a Christian, evidence confirms that he is overwhelmingly committed to implementing his religion of liberalism's anti-Christian agenda.  For example, Obama is forcing Christian institutions to fund abortion and contraceptive services against their Biblical beliefs.

Juxtapose that with Obama coming out in support of same-sex marriage and telling the gay, lesbian, and transgender community that he would be not only a friend, but an advocate.

Obama is not black, nor is he Christian.  Obama is a zealot of liberalism -- a dictator in a black Iron Man suit. 

It is imperative that patriots not allow Team Obama to use his black Iron Man suit to intimidate us into silence and submission to Obama's socialistic agenda.  We must continue to fight Obama's tyranny with an all-hands-on-deck sense of urgency. 

Obama's seemingly indestructible black Iron Man suit of armor can and will be penetrated by your vote for Mitt Romney in November.