The Democrats' War on Small Business

Small business owners apparently make for one of the most misunderstood groups in America.  Despite apparent overwhelming respect from the American public, Democratic administrations openly use envy and resentment of small-business success to justify enacting legislation that threatens their prosperity. Periodic polling by Rasmussen and other national polling groups shows that small business owners represent the most respected profession in America -- respected by more than 90% of the American public.  This is even higher than pastors and religious leaders, who have a 50% favorability rating.  At the bottom of the list are members of Congress, with a 25% favorability rating.  Similar polling by The Tarrance Group conducted in 2010 for The Free Alliance, which also includes government bureaucrats and union leaders, gives those professions only a 20% favorability rating. Since we live in a representative republic, small business owners have always relied on their...(Read Full Article)