Sybil Hussein Obama?

On the same day that the Polish foreign minister called Obama ignorant and incompetent for referring to a "Polish death camp" during a ceremony intended to honor a Polish war hero, the POTUS substantiated the accusations as he declared before an audience of Conservative Jews that he "probably knows about Judaism more than any other president, because he read about it."   The man who apparently believes he is "The First Jewish President" has revealed yet another persona meant to wow a particular demographic.  But by adding one more element to the amalgamation of the composite individual running the country, who evolves faster than Charles Darwin could say "natural selection," Obama is proving that he actually knows less about everything other than race-baiting and class warfare than any other president, because he learned about those things. Obama's latest narcissistic assertion is not surprising from the man who bills himself as one of the top four presidents in the history...(Read Full Article)