Still a BFD, Obama Loses

The Supreme Court decision on the American Care Act is a loss for Barack Obama, despite how the president and his minions in the mainstream media will attempt to portray it.  They will insist on selling this as a win for Obama.  Always classy, Obama himself has already tweeted, "Still a BFD." When the Supreme Court declared the mandate a tax, it was in reality calling Barack Obama a liar -- not only for emphatically claiming that the mandate was not a tax when trying to convince citizens to back the legislation, but also for promising that his administration would never raise taxes on the middle class.  Remember, he said that "no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase."  Instead, ObamaCare is the largest tax increase in the history of the nation...and it is a regressive tax.  After all, the 1% of Americans he rails against religiously already have health insurance.  Guess what: much of the burden of the cost of this...(Read Full Article)