Staying Out of Syria

Here are the questions on Syria: what is the American obligation?  What is the American interest?  What is the American capability?  There is no obligation.  Where there is a treaty, the United States has an obligation to spend American blood and treasure.  The seriousness of the commitment is why Congress has to ratify a president's desire to create new ones.  "Responsibility to Protect" (R2P) doesn't exist.  It was created as a stick with which to beat people into using the military for non-strategic purposes and used to justify the president's desire to join the French and the British in/over Libya without engaging in a discussion of war powers or treaty obligations.  It worked, but the attempt to pursue American obligations based on the emotional tug of potential victims has failed in the face of more than 12,000 actual dead people. It surely is in the U.S.'s interest to discomfit Iran, Hezb'allah, and Russia.  Overthrowing Assad would...(Read Full Article)